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About Ellevate Design

Ellevate Design was founded in 2010 by Michelle Ellerhoff. With over 15 years in the Kitchen, Bath and Interior Design industry, Michelle lives and breathes her passion for design.

Michelle holds a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design from Iowa State University and an Associates Degree in Interior Design from The Art Center Design School in Tucson, AZ. Michelle also spent 4 years living and going to school in Paris, France as a teenager. This is truly where her love of design started. Visiting castles across Europe and being immersed in so many beautiful cultures was an honor that she will always value and Michelle will forever be able to design with higher level of understanding due to those years abroad. Michelle's favorite place in Europe? Zermatt, Switzerland...The peace and tranquility of this little village in the Swiss Alps  resonates with Michelle and she strives to transcend that feeling through her design process as well.

Over the past 15 years, Michelle has primarily worked as a Kitchen and Bath Designer for various mid-high end cabinetry studios. Michelle started her design career working as a furniture space planner and designer at a boutique furniture store in Arizona, helping her customers achieve their "Dream Plan".

Michelle's biggest strength is the Customer Experience. In what can be a very overwhelming process, Michelle works hard to make sure that her customers have a stress free, enjoyable experience working on their projects! Getting to know all of the important wants and needs of each customer creates a highly successful Customer Experience for each customer!

Michelle has taught various Interior Design courses at her former Art School, helping to shape the future of our next generation of Interior Designers as well! "Having to teach Furniture Design, Art History or Space Planning forces you as a designer to look at every detail of your subject matter in order to best communicate its understanding and principles to your students" says Michelle of her experiences teaching.

When she's not designing, Michelle spends time with her two amazing children, traveling and seeing as much live music as possible! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a professional designer?

This is the number one question I get from my customers! Hiring a professional designer is similar to hiring a licensed contractor - you are ensured that the level of design you are receiving is thorough and held to the highest standards in the industry. Being a trained Interior Designer take many hours of studying the elements of design, accessibility and space planning codes as well as project estimating. A professional designer considers every product or architectural element that will touch each and every design. We don't just provide you with a generic cabinet or furniture layout, we pull the whole space together for you!

How much do you charge?

Ellevate Design offers many design packages, all customized to your particular project. All of our initial in-home consultations are FREE! We will meet with you at your space, review your project and afterwards provide you with a Design Package estimate for your specific project. Ellevate Design Packages start at $750 for a basic room refresh. The average Kitchen Remodel Package ranges from $1500-$2500 and includes a fully-dimensioned kitchen layout with a complete product specification guide.  Ellevate Design will assist you to select every product in your future space as well as all finishes and surface materials. We also highly recommend our line of cabinetry, Dakota Custom Cabinetry, and will coordinate the pricing, ordering and delivery to your doorstep of your cabinetry.

Will you help me with my New Construction selections?

YES! Ellevate Design has assisted many customers in the new home construction selection process. From helping choose siding and roofing to the trim package for the home, along with all of the interior elements, we will ease the burden of these selections to ensure a cohesive design! Call me to set up a time to look at your floor plan! Ellevate Design will work directly with you in conjunction with your builder and their decision timeline.

Customer Testimonials

" Michelle was a joy to work with! She took our ideas and made them come to life! She was responsive to all our needs and helped correct any issues that may have surfaced during our project. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to ensuring our kitchen was our dream kitchen. " - Emily Patel

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